Confidentiality Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect the assets, intellectual property and private information of the board, certificate holders, certification candidates and those who communicate with us regarding the certification process. The following describes our policy and procedures regarding these matters.

Collecting and Using Personal Information

The BCPE respects the privacy of the individuals who communicate with us by phone, fax or email, visit our web site, apply for certification or are certificate holders of the BCPE. We do not collect personal information without the individual’s knowledge and consent. When such information is collected, the BCPE will not sell, license, transmit or disclose this information unless authorized by the individual or such disclosure is required by law. In the event such information is disclosed, BCPE will do so in accordance with applicable laws and the procedures described within this document.

Personal information is defined, but not limited to, information that is unique to the individual such as name, address, email address or telephone number.

Those who have access to the information collected for the purpose of conducting BCPE business (BCPE staff, Board members and consultants) are bound by this policy and have signed a non-disclosure agreement agreeing to adhere to the policies and procedures described herein.

Email, Phone and Contact Information

We collect the e-mail addresses, phone numbers and/or contact information of those who communicate with us for the purpose of responding to inquiries and when authorized (by voluntarily subscribing to our mailing list), distributing our newsletter, as well as disseminating other pertinent information such as upcoming events and activities.

Web Site

When visiting the BCPE web site, our web server will collect your IP address, operating system and browser information. We also collect information about which pages are visited and how frequently to assess the usefulness of the web site.

We also utilize “cookie” technology for navigation purposes and to better identify usage patterns. Cookies cannot communicate with, or read data, on your computer. Your browser may allow you to disable cookies, but if you do, certain sections of the BCPE web site, such as the Certificants Only Area, may not work for you.

We further provide links to other web sites that we feel may be of interest to you. These links are not owned or controlled by the BCPE. As such, we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information on these sites, or the confidentiality practices of the web site owners.


When applying for certification, we collect your name, business contact information, home contact information, education information, employment history information and work product examples for the purpose of determining a candidate’s suitability for certification. This information is considered confidential and is sanitized (deleted) of any personal information prior to its evaluation by our volunteer certificate holders. The volunteers who evaluate applications have read the BCPE confidentiality policy and signed a non-disclosure agreement agreeing to adhere to the policies and procedures described herein.


Candidates for certification must take a written examination. The contents of the certification exam are considered confidential. As such, exam proctors and candidates must sign a non-disclosure agreement agreeing not to disclose any information regarding examination content, procedures, or administration practices.

Candidate exam results are released only to the individual by postal mail, unless otherwise authorized by the individual.

Online Directory

Certificate holders authorize the BCPE to publish their name, certificate number, business contact information, highest degree and areas of specialization/expertise in the online directory, unless the certificate holders has requested that this information be omitted from the directory. In honoring such requests, we will continue to display the certificate holder’s name, certificate number, highest degree and areas of specialization/expertise.

This directory may be viewed by both certificate and non-certificate holders.

Mailing Lists

On occasion, we may share the contact information of our certificate holders with other reputable organizations whose products or services may be of interest to our certificate holders.

From time to time, we also sell the contact information of our certificate holders to approved vendors whose products or services may be of interest to our certificate holders.

In such instances, we provide only the certificate holders names and postal mailing addresses.

Certificate holders may opt out of such mailings by notifying the BCPE they do not want this information disclosed to outside organizations and vendors.


The BCPE will exercise reasonable efforts to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the information disclosed to us.  However, BCPE cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of BCPE’s data and will not be liable for its unauthorized disclosure that occurs through no fault of the BCPE, including, but not limited to, errors or interception in transmission, unlawful or unauthorized access into BCPE’s data accounts, or unauthorized acts of BCPE directors, employees or volunteers.

Changes to this Policy

The BCPE may revise this policy on occasion as warranted by the use of new technologies and/or changes in the policies and procedures described in this document. When updates are made, the revision date will be noted at the end of the document.


If you have questions about this policy or you believe the BCPE is not following the policies and procedures described in this document, please contact the BCPE at

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