Exam Score Interpretation

BCPE uses standard psychometric statistical methodology in developing and revising the BCPE certification examination.  This includes:

  • Conducting an item analysis to ensure assessment validity;
  • Ensuring the scored exam remains balanced by topic area of the core competencies;
  • Equating different versions of the exam so that test form difficulty can be matched;
  • Using a scaled, rather than a raw, score reporting system.  Examples of programs that use scaled scores include the ACT® and SAT® examinations. Scaled scores are particularly useful at providing the basis for long-term, meaningful comparisons of results across different administrations of an examination.
  • Choosing a scaled score of 200-500, with 350 as a pass score.

Scaled scores:

  • Enable score report users to make fair comparisons of performance on different test forms;
  • Avoid misinterpretation of scores between similar programs;
  • Can provide candidates with appropriate comparison data;
  • Provide a mathematical translation, similar to changing temperature measurements in Fahrenheit and Celsius into Kelvin;
  • Do not affect whether a candidate passes or fails, only how the score is reported.
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