BCPE Brochure Provides a brief overview of BCPE certification.
BCPE Certifications at a Glance Provides a brief overview of BCPE certification requirements and fees.
BCPE Certification Requirements Provides the requirements for BCPE certification.
BCPE Corporate Structure Provides directorship and officer information for BCPE since incorporation.
Ergonomics Certification Discusses the value of BCPE certification, employment benefits and job market edge
BCPE Core Competencies Identifies the tasks needed to demonstate competence for BCPE certification
Application Forms
BCPE Associate Application Application form for AEP, AHFP or AUXP certification .
BCPE Associate to Professional Application Application form for CPE, CHFP or CUXP certification (after completion of AEP, AHFP or AUXP certification).
BCPE Professional Application Application form for CPE, CHFP or CUXP certification.
Exam Information
BCPE Exam Specification Provides the framework for BCPE exam content
BCPE Exam References Suggested references to help prepare for the exam.
BCPE Sample Exam Questions Example exam questions and answers similar to the questions on the BCPE exam.
Continuance of Certification
BCPE CoC FAQs  Answers to frequently asked questions about the continuance of certification process.
BCPE CoC Worksheet  The worksheet for documenting and submitting continuance of certification activities.
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