Who We Are & What We Do

Wherever people interact with jobs, tasks, organizations and environments, HF/E/UX makes a contribution to ensure human compatibility.

HF/E/UX professionals contribute to the design of all kinds of systems, such as work systems and product/service systems. Using knowledge of people’s cognitive and physical capabilities, needs and limitations, HF/E/UX professionals take a systems approach to design for people. The goal is optimal human well-being and performance with overall system effectiveness.

Our non-profit organization provides the gold standard of HF/E/UX certification, recognized nationally and internationally. We provide one professional certification. However, practitioners work in many different domains and the term for HF/E/UX varies by domain. No matter what the area of focus, the underlying knowledge and systems approach remain the same.  BCPE certificants obtain professional level of certification through one application process and exam. The certificant chooses the designation that fits their work world.

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Certification — Why It’s Important

The BCPE is dedicated to increasing the recognition of ergonomists by providing a clear pathway to professional certification. Certification is increasingly important in a world where expertise is ever more valuable to employers, consumers and individuals.  Employers are at ease hiring a certified professional, knowing that they have a recognized baseline of knowledge and competence. In a crowded field of practitioners, BCPE certificants distinguish themselves by earning an internationally-recognized certification.

Certificants choose the designation* that reflects their work focus:

  • CPE® — Ergonomics
  • CHFP® — Human Factors
  • CUXP® — User Experience

The Associate professional designation is held by our professionals who have demonstrated their competency in education and are working towards the full professional certification.

*These certification marks are registered to BCPE and can only be used when authorized.

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The BCPE is governed by an elected board of leading professionals and is managed by an Executive Director and Executive Administrator. The BCPE is endorsed by the IEA, the International Ergonomics Association, as a recognized ergonomics certifying body and is a corporate member of ICE (formerly NOCA), the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.