Certification Requirements

Which certification is right for you?

Professional (CPE, CHFP, CUXP)

  1. Bachelor’s degree and academic coursework covering BCPE core competencies*
  2. Minimum of three years (full time equivalent) HF/E/UX work experience
  3. Passing score on the professional certification exam

Associate (AEP, AHFP, AUXP)

  1. Bachelor’s degree and academic coursework covering BCPE core competencies*
  2. Less than three years HF/E/UX experience
  3. Lacking work products required for professional certification

Associate certification is a voluntary, temporary step towards professional certification. It is awarded when the educational requirements are met. An application for Associate certification must be submitted, it is not automatically awarded. Associate certification may be held for only 6 years during which the certificant is expected to apply for professional certification. Usually, individuals applying for Associate certification need more time to fulfill the 3-year work experience requirement.

* Graduates of a Human Factors and Ergonomics Society accredited graduate program complete a shortened application form.

Note, 24 credit hours of relevant academic coursework is required.

CEA: BCPE is no longer accepting applications for Certified Ergonomics Associate (CEA) certification.



Determine your eligibility by comparing your educational coursework with the education requirements.
Go to Education for more details.


A minimum of 3 years experience is required. The three years are full-time equivalent, therefore, the years may be gathered through part-time jobs over a longer time period.

Go to Experience & Work Products for more details.

Work Products

Applicants for Professional certification are required to submit work product examples. Two examples each of three areas are required: analysis, design, and validation & implementation. Pick your work products carefully to provide your best examples and demonstrate your professional ability, knowledge and skills in these three areas.

Go to Experience & Work Products for more details.

Need a mentor?

We have volunteer certificants to help you out.

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